Financial Elder Abuse

Experienced Legal Representation In Financial Elder Abuse Cases

Financial elder abuse can take a wide variety of forms. A new husband or wife may convince an elderly spouse to leave his or her children out of a will. One adult child may pressure his elderly parents into making him the sole heir, leaving his other siblings without an inheritance. A trusted caregiver may misappropriate an elder's credit card number and begin making exorbitant personal purchases.

In every such instance, there is an immediate need to take legal action. Under such circumstances, do not hesitate to turn to Phil Brown Law for seasoned legal counsel and proven advocacy in these matters. To arrange a consultation, call (310) 623-8383.

Providing A Wide Range Of Financial Elder Abuse Representation

With more than 45 years of experience, Mr. Brown assists clients with:

  • Understanding the warning signs — Including unusual expenditures, missing documents, and unauthorized bank account activity
  • Stopping financial elder abuse — Obtaining a restraining order from the court
  • Recovering the money — Taking prompt action to regain what was lost
  • Punishing financial wrongdoers — Pursuing punitive damages and other punishments
  • Breaching of fiduciary duties — Signing the senior up for unneeded services or subscriptions, making bank withdrawals without permission, and other misconduct
  • Credit card fraud or check misallocation — Using the elder's credit card, charge card, or checking the account without permission
  • Fraudulent investment schemes — Convincing an elder to invest in fraudulent organizations, participate in Ponzi schemes, and other financial scams against seniors
  • Signing documents under duress — Using undue influence to change an elder's estate plan, and compel him or her to sign contracts

Mr. Brown can address these and other related concerns.

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